Pitch Magazine - Stories of Modern Sport

Pitch Magazine - Stories of Modern Sport

Pitch Issue One - Available now

Inside this the first issue of Pitch you will find stories, long and short, relating to the thick end of 30 different sports. It’s a genuinely groundbreaking remit and we think a first in the world of magazines. There’s football, cricket, rugby, golf, boxing, athletics and F1. And loads of others. We think the mix works brilliantly. Because ultimately we are sports fanatics. First.

Issue No.1 - OUT NOW

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Issue No.2 - November 2022

Our second issue will hit doormats on the eve of the FIFA World Cup.

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Welcome To Your New Favourite Magazine

Pitch is a magazine for sports fans. All sports fans. And particularly all-sports fans. If this is you, then you’re already among friends.

We want to build a community around this magazine. Making it a place where we all opt in. A place where people are positive about their passions. And unafraid to tell their stories. A place where the sports we all follow, and how Pitch covers them, brings light and life to our lives. Serving as an oasis in what can in the day-to-day coverage of sports sometimes feel the ‘moaniest’ place on earth.

And we want to hear from you. We want to know what you think. About sport. Generally. And Pitch specifically. Email us letters@pitch-mag.co.uk. Or if you’ve got the stomach for it, hit the socials. Play your part in making the world (of sports) a better place.

Pitch Magazine

Issue One

In our first issue, we’ll look at the fastest men ever (how fast was fast in 1934?). We’ll look at how the six-foot-four son of a former goalkeeper from Stuttgart has become the Premiership’s longest-serving manager, bringing Klopp-tomania (sic) to Liverpool 4. We’ll look at the extraordinary rise of the Exeter Chiefs, the longevity of England’s Greatest Living Lancastrian, Mr Jimmy Anderson, and celebrate the phenomenal talent of Dame Laura Kenny.

It’s unmissable. So don’t x


“ Hey, if you want to win The Open, you’ve got to have a little bit more. ”

Nick Faldo - three-times winner

Pitch looks at the stellar line-up hoping to triumph at St Andrews

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